MusiCamp Alberta

History of MusiCamp Alberta

The Alberta Summer Music Workshop has been providing a summer music experience for Alberta students since 1957. The summer music program, begun by then Music Consultant David J. Peterkin (hence the Peterkin Symphonic Band) was originally a program of the Department of Culture, Youth and Recreation and was a direct program of the Alberta Government until 1983.

The workshop was then handed over to the Alberta Summer Music Workshop Association (ASMWA), a non-profit society dedicated to producing a summer music workshop. MusiCamp Alberta is the official trade name of the Alberta Summer Music Workshop Association.

This Provincial Music Workshop, under the trade name “MusiCamrose”, was held at Augustana University College in Camrose, Alberta for over 40 years. The MusiCamrose experience is one that remains strong in the hearts of past participants and staff.

In 2002 the Alberta Summer Music Workshop was re-named MusiCamp Alberta and moved to Red Deer College. In 2005 MusiCamp Alberta became a joint program sponsored by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Red Deer College and the Alberta Summer Music Workshop Association.

2019 marks the 62nd year of MusiCamp Alberta! We are very excited about the MusiCamp Alberta program and the opportunities it continues to provide for students.

The facilities available at Red Deer College such as rehearsal studios, a dance studio, a fully equipped digital piano lab, and recording studio as well as a wonderful concert hall provide amazing opportunities for students to learn and gain valuable experiences.

The wide variety of recreational spaces, equipment and facilities will further enhance the high quality program we provide for students throughout Alberta.